The Home of Slap Shot

1st SUMMIT ARENA @ Cambria County War Memorial has the distinction and privilege of bearing the moniker of “The Home of Slap Shot”.

In 1977, what would become one of the biggest cult classic films in America was released – Slap Shot. The movie flawlessly blends the genres of comedy and hockey with a strong supporting cast and realistic portrayal of the gritty world of professional hockey in the 1970s.

The screenplay for Slap Shot was written by Nancy Dowd, who based the story around her brother Ned’s time in minor league hockey, which included a stint with the Johnstown Jets. The film pays homage to many of Ned’s teammates, like the Carlson brothers and Dave Hanson.

Along with using the Cambria County War Memorial as the home setting for the Charlestown Chiefs, many scenes of the movie were set around the City of Johnstown, and the ranks of the fictitious Federal Hockey League were populated by players from the Jets and their NAHL opponents.